July 2017
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Busy week ahead. I’ve got a mad week of work stuff – as ever, and I need to try and make some headway with some of the local Green Party organising stuff that I really need to focus on.

Which is to say, that this blog. Specifically, this one. Not any others, this . . . → Read More: Once:


Not long before Christmas, as Leicester City jumped to the top of the Premiership, somebody mentioned on the radio that they were still placed at 20/1 at the bookies. I did a bit of digging around, and did find an online bookies that had them for that price.

They also said that if . . . → Read More: Odd:


Having been to a couple of gigs at the Stables over the years, I’ve somehow ended up on their mailing list, which means that every 3-4 months, they send me a brochure full of old singers, and tribute bands that I scour through carefully to see if there is anything in there that I . . . → Read More: Stables:


Thursday evenings I go to speech club. First rule of speech club is…

Anyway, I had to evaluate a speech for vocal variety this evening. One of the things I had to evaluate was the use of volume, and of tempo, and of pitch.

I stood up, did a bit of a preamble, . . . → Read More: Loud:


Mrs M has popped down the pub, so I’m watching the Nutribullet special on one of the shopping channels.

“I’m not going to make any medical claims,” says the presenter, “But I have a lot of friends with Type 2 Diabetes, and they all take chia seeds. Look it up on the internet.”

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I started listening to ‘Indie Cindy’ again last week, and considered again the reaction it was met with when it was originally released a couple of years ago. Look at drowned in sound: “There are worse things in life than being the fifth-best Pixies album” or Paste magazine’s “The songs still sound like pallid . . . → Read More: Boom:


I’ve been away from here for a while, and in that time, the story of the missing £10.25 million lent to the Cobblers has blown up (slight understatement)

There has been a reticence, probably for very good reasons, for any real investigative journalism, but the BBC Inside Out team did an excellent job this . . . → Read More: Cobblers:


As we get older, and our time without commitments becomes less, we find that we have to pick and choose. No longer can you pop off to London on a gig whim. You have to plan, you have to make arrangements, you have to work out how late you can stay.

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Back in the day, I never used to pre-order records. It was all about the ceremony (in my head, anyway) of popping down town on the date of release – finding the store that had the record, getting back home and playing it. To me, it was a big deal.

Obviously, thats not . . . → Read More: Pre-release:


Hi. Me again. You may remember me from the bygone times when I used to update the blog. Well, things have been busy – you know how it is. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about you.

So, way back when, I mentioned my 3 tasks for the year.

1 – Get . . . → Read More: Update: