April 2014
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Indie Schmindie:

The Pixies have always been my favourite band. They were my favourite band in 1988, the noise of Surfer Rosa reverberating around my headphones on the way to school and in the Sixth Form Common Room. They were my favourite band throughout the nineties despite their absence from most of it, and I travelled . . . → Read More: Indie Schmindie:


An update to my three projects.

- The political endeavour continues apace. I have been to three meetings so far this year, where we have talked a lot about how we are going to bring down the government, and I think (lowercase) that we may even go and do some canvassing before the next . . . → Read More: Progress:

Sun Kil Moon – Benji:

Back in the day, I would occasionally listen to new music, and sometimes write about said music.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered the new Sun Kil Moon CD. For those of you whom are unaware, Sun Kil Moon is basically a nom de plume for Mark Kozelek, fondly remembered as being the . . . → Read More: Sun Kil Moon – Benji:

New Year:

As Mrs M may have mentioned at some point, we had a busy year in 2013. As well as adding another to our family (+1=4), we moved house. Granted, it was not a huge move (in terms of distance) but it felt it (in terms of effort)

It’s now 4 months after that event. . . . → Read More: New Year:


“We are drifting towards a redundant intimacy” quoted a friend recently in response to Mr M’s whittling on about handling a cold call.

That phrase has been rattling round my head every since, specifically in regard to Facebook. Come the day, in my last moment when my life rushes past my eyes I’m sure . . . → Read More: Redundant


Last night I blogged for the first time in an age. It was short & perfunctory, true, but I am easing myself back in slowly (said the vicar to the tart).

I had another baby this year. The Small People in my life might get a mention from time to time, but I will . . . → Read More: Easing:


I used to be quite good at this – this being ‘finding something to witter on about every day’. Arguably, if you saw my twitter feed, you might suggest that I still command the ability to witter on about absolutely nothing at will and in the face of indifference. But before that, I wittered . . . → Read More: Quite:

Marvel Comics : The Untold Story by Sean Howe

The first thing to point out is that surely this book needs an exclamation mark somewhere in the title. How can you have a book about superheroes without an exclamation mark in there? That apart, it’s a fascinating book, detailing the ups and downs and the chequered history of the House of Ideas across . . . → Read More: Marvel Comics : The Untold Story by Sean Howe

8: Days

Or to give it it’s full name ‘Day’s Old Fashioned Root Beer – since 1946′. Of course, such claims seem to be prevalent in the Rootbeer world so it’s not necessarily a guarantee of anything unless you assume that longevity is a direct result of quality. Not being in America, I have no idea . . . → Read More: 8: Days

7: Diet Barq’s

It’s been a few years, but my rootbeer supplier recently had a bit of a sale, and by the time I got around to checking, they only had Diet left. So it seemed a good opportunity to step back in and to try out some brands that I’d not previously sampled.

Firstly, Diet . . . → Read More: 7: Diet Barq’s