October 2018
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A continuing series of events that make me feel old. REM’s ‘Automatic For The People’ is 25 years old this year. From memory, it was one of those rare albums that got a rush release, on a Thursday or something, because the record company knew that if it came out in the US three . . . → Read More: 25:


I’m going to win an award for stating the bloody obvious here, but there are a lot of compromises that get made when you start a family. Trips to the cinema or to gigs become a rare event, and the opportunities to sit down at a weekend and watch a DVD become limited. Unless . . . → Read More: Vienna:


Back in the day, I’d occasionally get into a band a bit late in the day, and then have the joy of rediscovering their back catalogue, like a reverse archaelogist, finding an old album in Spinadisc or Our Price and listening to it obsessively. Before the internet, before amazon, you sometimes stumbled across albums . . . → Read More: Retro:


18 months since I last posted on this blog. In that time, I’ve had a promotion, stood in an election to be a County Councillor (which I lost), stood in an election to be a Member of Parliament (which I lost) and have been generally pretty busy of an evening. The blog’s been neglected. . . . → Read More: Awake:


Busy week ahead. I’ve got a mad week of work stuff – as ever, and I need to try and make some headway with some of the local Green Party organising stuff that I really need to focus on.

Which is to say, that this blog. Specifically, this one. Not any others, this . . . → Read More: Once:


Not long before Christmas, as Leicester City jumped to the top of the Premiership, somebody mentioned on the radio that they were still placed at 20/1 at the bookies. I did a bit of digging around, and did find an online bookies that had them for that price.

They also said that if . . . → Read More: Odd:


Having been to a couple of gigs at the Stables over the years, I’ve somehow ended up on their mailing list, which means that every 3-4 months, they send me a brochure full of old singers, and tribute bands that I scour through carefully to see if there is anything in there that I . . . → Read More: Stables:


Thursday evenings I go to speech club. First rule of speech club is…

Anyway, I had to evaluate a speech for vocal variety this evening. One of the things I had to evaluate was the use of volume, and of tempo, and of pitch.

I stood up, did a bit of a preamble, . . . → Read More: Loud:


Mrs M has popped down the pub, so I’m watching the Nutribullet special on one of the shopping channels.

“I’m not going to make any medical claims,” says the presenter, “But I have a lot of friends with Type 2 Diabetes, and they all take chia seeds. Look it up on the internet.”

. . . → Read More: Ideal:


I started listening to ‘Indie Cindy’ again last week, and considered again the reaction it was met with when it was originally released a couple of years ago. Look at drowned in sound: “There are worse things in life than being the fifth-best Pixies album” or Paste magazine’s “The songs still sound like pallid . . . → Read More: Boom: