May 2018
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Mrs M has popped down the pub, so I’m watching the Nutribullet special on one of the shopping channels.

“I’m not going to make any medical claims,” says the presenter, “But I have a lot of friends with Type 2 Diabetes, and they all take chia seeds. Look it up on the internet.”

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Fourth Doctor, Sarah-Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan. It’s always been my favourite team in the Tardis, partly because I encountered them when I was five years old, partly because the show was so obviously on a high at that point. And now, Lis Sladen, who seemed like she had discovered the secret of eternal youth . . . → Read More: Sarah-Jane:

The Trip:

I think I saw ‘A Cock and Bull Story’ at the cinema twice. Although I enjoyed the visualisation of the novel, my favourite parts were the scenes that showed the making of the film – Steve Coogan coming across as a priggish uptight lothario sparring with Rob Brydon’s lovable bumbling oaf. So, I was . . . → Read More: The Trip:

The Lodger:

Things I expected to hate : Pretty much the whole thing.

Things I liked : Pretty much the whole thing.

I hated this episode from the moment I heard about it. I’ve been underwhelmed by everything Who that Gareth Roberts has penned, and James Corden has irritated me in everything, even Gavin & Stacey. . . . → Read More: The Lodger:

Vincent And The Doctor:

Things I Liked : The bit where Van Gogh invites the Doctor and Amy to see what he sees, the sensitive side to the Doctor, the acting-its all about the acting. I even quite liked Bill Nighy.

Things I didn’t like : Did it really need the Athlete song at the end? We get . . . → Read More: Vincent And The Doctor:

The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood:

Things I Liked : The timey-wimey stuff, Stephen Jones as the Silurian boss, the similarities to the Pertwee era (the bubble, the Silurians), it wasn’t as bad as I expected for Chris Chibnall.

Things I didn’t like : The new Silurians lost a lot of their unique-ness.

As I said, it felt like a . . . → Read More: The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood:

Amy’s Choice:

Things I Liked : Toby Jones as the Dream Lord. I enjoyed his smug superiority and taunting presence. Nobody knew him or his motives, adding to the mystery. Top dialogue as well, and its always good to see a gang of murderous OAPs.

Things I didn’t like : It fell a little flat for . . . → Read More: Amy’s Choice:

The Vampires of Venice:

Things I liked: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Helem McCrory.

Things I didn’t like: Toby Whithouse’s previous story was ‘School Reunion’ in Episode 2. The best bits about that episode were the return of Sarah-Jane Smith and K-9. This episode was more or less the same, set in Venice, but without Sarah-Jane and K-9. Completely . . . → Read More: The Vampires of Venice:

The Time of Angels / Flesh & Stone:

Things I liked : Pretty much everything

Things I didn’t like : At a push, Alex Kingston, but that’s Alex Kingston, not necessarily Alex Kingston in Doctor Who.

I’ve said it before, but the difference between Steven Moffat and RTD is that one of them knows how to plot. One of them lays clues in an episode that only become important later on, whereas the other one just comes up with revelations out of nowhere.

This two parter is full of marvellous moments, and it would be wrong to not mention the final conversation between the Doctor and Octavian.

“I wish I’d known you better.”
“I think sir, you’ve known me at my best.”

That’s one of the greatest exchanges I’ve ever seen in Doctor Who.

And there’s the angels. Fair enough, they behave a little differently to the ones in ‘Blink’, but if they were going to become a genuine threat rather than a one trick pony, that was inevitable. They’re still bloody scary though, and the homage to ‘The Ring’ in the first episode was terrifying.

And then, and then.


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Victory of the Daleks:

Things I liked : Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Prentice from ‘The Crow Road’s’ Dad. British Army Dalek and the first 15 minutes or so were ace.  Until the Daleks started wittering on about Testimonies. Oh, and I liked the mystery about Amy’s memories.

Things I didn’t like : Lets face it, this episode is . . . → Read More: Victory of the Daleks: