March 2018
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The Beast Below:

Things that I didn’t like – It didn’t really have any baddies in the conventional sense. On analysis, some of the plot elements maybe don’t hang together. (I’m thinking of the Smilers)

Things that I did like – It was still very good. It reminded me of a classic four part story, squeezed into . . . → Read More: The Beast Below:

The Eleventh Hour:

Things that I didn’t like :  When the Doctor programmed the virus, it felt like an RTD plot device. Of course, had it been an RTD plot device, that would have been the part that somehow provided the denounement (and remained unexplained) As it was, it helped the Atraxi to track down Prisoner Zero . . . → Read More: The Eleventh Hour:


A couple of days before the first episode of the Moffat-era, it’s instructive to look back on the early episodes of the RTD years to see if they hold any clues as to what might be upcoming.

The first RTD episode had an awful lot of work to do. As well as introducing the . . . → Read More: Pre-New-Who:

V (The Series) : Episode 1

Even when I was a fifteen year old, I knew that the V series was rubbish. That didn’t stop me religously videoing every episode and watching them the following day. It just meant that I’d discuss with Dan, my (then) partner-in-crime, exactly why it was rubbish.

Anyway, I bought the series back when zavvi . . . → Read More: V (The Series) : Episode 1


When I first heard that Martin Clunes was starring in a ‘Reggie Perrin’ remake I was filled with dread. The original series wasn’t perfect, but it’s one of those shows where it’s impossible to divorce the character from the actor who played him. So what’s the value in a remake?

However, I saw the . . . → Read More: Pointless:


Parts of the Doctor Who Special today that I thought were good : The bits with Lee Evans.

Parts that I cringed at : The rest of it.

30 Rock:

We mentioned some time back our love for the marvellous 30 Rock, and I note that Channel 5 have finally got around to showing the second series, although they’ve struck upon a clever way of doing this – showing it two episodes at a time on one of their Freeview offshoots – Five USA.

. . . → Read More: 30 Rock:


Last Friday, I was talking with E about the impending announcement. (In reality I was talking at her, and she probably wasn’t even listening, but I digress). I said that I expected it to be Paterson Joseph because that was the name all the Press was touting, and I assumed that they had reliable . . . → Read More: Doctor:


And so to the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Next Doctor. I’ve pretty much enjoyed every episode of Nu-Who because, as I said to E earlier today, I’m still a fanboy at heart, and I’d much rather we had Doctor Who as the centrepiece of the Beeb’s Christmas Schedule rather than not getting it . . . → Read More: Whom:


Our episode a day habit has gotten on top of us. It’s consuming us.

Somebody told E a secret, about something happening soon, and she’s fit to burst, wanting to cause mischief by trying to make plans for this same weekend.

“Hold Fire”, I said. “We can’t give them the notice to plan an . . . → Read More: Detail: