July 2017
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One of the things that we don’t talk about here is the feckless administration in charge of the Northampton Borough Council. We had a disastrous Lib Dem administration leading up to 2011, when they were replaced with a Conservative administration that promised to sort out all of Northampton’s issues. Shortly after the election, there . . . → Read More: Museums:


My history with Record Store Day is chequered. In 2011, I was in town with Mrs M, and we vaguely looked it up in Google to find there were two stores listed in town. We thought this was strange as our local record store had long since closed down. So, we went to the . . . → Read More: RSD:

Indie Schmindie:

The Pixies have always been my favourite band. They were my favourite band in 1988, the noise of Surfer Rosa reverberating around my headphones on the way to school and in the Sixth Form Common Room. They were my favourite band throughout the nineties despite their absence from most of it, and I travelled . . . → Read More: Indie Schmindie:


An update to my three projects.

- The political endeavour continues apace. I have been to three meetings so far this year, where we have talked a lot about how we are going to bring down the government, and I think (lowercase) that we may even go and do some canvassing before the next . . . → Read More: Progress:

Sun Kil Moon – Benji:

Back in the day, I would occasionally listen to new music, and sometimes write about said music.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered the new Sun Kil Moon CD. For those of you whom are unaware, Sun Kil Moon is basically a nom de plume for Mark Kozelek, fondly remembered as being the . . . → Read More: Sun Kil Moon – Benji:

New Year:

As Mrs M may have mentioned at some point, we had a busy year in 2013. As well as adding another to our family (+1=4), we moved house. Granted, it was not a huge move (in terms of distance) but it felt it (in terms of effort)

It’s now 4 months after that event. . . . → Read More: New Year:


Remember me? This used to be my website, and although it may have only got slightly more traffic than an occasional table on a non-occasion, I used to try my best. As Jarvis Cocker is wont to say, “Something Changed’, and I’ve not been around much at all.

But this last fortnight has . . . → Read More: Memories:

Fruit Fly:

Ah. The covers album. I’d never begrudge an artist the chance to pay homage to their influences or heroes, but it can often feel like a holding pattern, an easy way to satiate the fanbase whilst they come up with some new material. On the other hand, a decent cover can be a gateway . . . → Read More: Fruit Fly:

Best Coast:

I note that Richard Branson’s VIrgin Rail network have lost the franchise for the West Coast Mainline, and that our bearded wonder has slammed the decision as ‘insane’ and that his company would have been unable to top FirstGroup’s winning bid without ‘dramatic cuts to customer quality.’

He intimates that they are unlikely to . . . → Read More: Best Coast:

Damsels In Distress:

When I still lived with my parents, I had a corkboard in my room, upon which I used to pin ephemera and articles of interest. I don’t recall who wrote it but there was an article from the Independent on Sunday discussing the (then) New Wave of American Indie Film Directors, specifically Hal Hartley, . . . → Read More: Damsels In Distress: