May 2018
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Back in the day, I never used to pre-order records. It was all about the ceremony (in my head, anyway) of popping down town on the date of release – finding the store that had the record, getting back home and playing it. To me, it was a big deal.

Obviously, thats not . . . → Read More: Pre-release:


My history with Record Store Day is chequered. In 2011, I was in town with Mrs M, and we vaguely looked it up in Google to find there were two stores listed in town. We thought this was strange as our local record store had long since closed down. So, we went to the . . . → Read More: RSD:

Sun Kil Moon – Benji:

Back in the day, I would occasionally listen to new music, and sometimes write about said music.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered the new Sun Kil Moon CD. For those of you whom are unaware, Sun Kil Moon is basically a nom de plume for Mark Kozelek, fondly remembered as being the . . . → Read More: Sun Kil Moon – Benji:

Best Coast:

I note that Richard Branson’s VIrgin Rail network have lost the franchise for the West Coast Mainline, and that our bearded wonder has slammed the decision as ‘insane’ and that his company would have been unable to top FirstGroup’s winning bid without ‘dramatic cuts to customer quality.’

He intimates that they are unlikely to . . . → Read More: Best Coast:


Rather than it passing me by, I made a conscious decision to not get sucked into twitter. The net already distracts me too much when I could be doing more useful stuff*

Then last week, I’m sitting at work doing work-stuff when E calls me. “This must be important”, I think. “Usually she just . . . → Read More: Twit:


So a friend at work lent me ‘Guitar Hero’, and this week, when the little tyke is asleep in his cot, we’ve been digging out the pretend guitar and letting go with some classic pretend guitar tomfoolery.

It really is quite good. I’ve told Mrs M that we can’t buy it because I could . . . → Read More: Pain:

When I was younger, myself and my sister would know that Christmas had started to arrive when our Mother started to play the Phil Spector album at full blast, usually a couple of weeks before Christmas, and around the same time we would decorate the Christmas tree.

A hundred years later, and that CD . . . → Read More:

MP6: Pale Saints

Pale Saints – In Ribbons

As I may have mentioned way back when, the plan with this MP3 malarkey was to utilise the turntable and to rip some tracks that I don’t otherwise have on CD, working on the assumption that maybe they’re not that widely available. As you may imagine, that’s a . . . → Read More: MP6: Pale Saints


Well, I thought it was obvious. My picture of a pink flag, was in tribute to the 1977 Wire album, Pink Flag.

Pink Flag

If you’re in the mood, you could do worse than download ‘Three Girl Rhumba’ from this album, and note for yourself that Elastica were a bit obvious when it . . . → Read More: Wired:


Pete linked a few weeks ago to a service called Dipity, specifically to a user who had entered in all the gigs he had been to, and now had a timeline of said gigs.

Naturally my gig/collectivist brain clicked into gear and I thought that would be really cool. The trouble is, I don’t . . . → Read More: Timeline: