May 2018
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Hi. Me again. You may remember me from the bygone times when I used to update the blog. Well, things have been busy – you know how it is. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about you.

So, way back when, I mentioned my 3 tasks for the year.

1 – Get . . . → Read More: Update:


One of the things that we don’t talk about here is the feckless administration in charge of the Northampton Borough Council. We had a disastrous Lib Dem administration leading up to 2011, when they were replaced with a Conservative administration that promised to sort out all of Northampton’s issues. Shortly after the election, there . . . → Read More: Museums:


I said I was going to get more involved in local politics. I did say that, didn’t I? Did I mention that this was going to be the easiest one of my goals to complete, based on the fact that last year, I did bugger all with local politics? So, all I had to . . . → Read More: Election:


An update to my three projects.

– The political endeavour continues apace. I have been to three meetings so far this year, where we have talked a lot about how we are going to bring down the government, and I think (lowercase) that we may even go and do some canvassing before the next . . . → Read More: Progress:

New Year:

As Mrs M may have mentioned at some point, we had a busy year in 2013. As well as adding another to our family (+1=4), we moved house. Granted, it was not a huge move (in terms of distance) but it felt it (in terms of effort)

It’s now 4 months after that event. . . . → Read More: New Year:


I’d heard good things about ‘5 Days To Power‘, the book detailing the 5 days of negotiations that followed this year’s General Election before the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats finally formed their coalition government. So I ordered it, and I enjoyed it – written by Tory MP Rob Wilson, he obviously has access, which . . . → Read More: Subjective:


I don’t have much to say on the subject. I’ve felt since result night that we were going to end up with Cameron and Co. taking over at some point, and the only thing that really surprises me is how the Lib Dems let themselves be steamrollered by the promises of seats at the . . . → Read More: Vote:


We were watching the toe-curlingly bad British Olympc Party thing on the BBC yesterday afternoon. At the VISA sponsored shenanigans in London. we saw the stars of the Queen Musical ‘We Will Rock You’ and the BBC Saturday night talent show ‘Last Choir Standing’.


Meantime, in Beijing, we get Boris twittering on about . . . → Read More: Olympian:


I listened to the George Osborne speech on my lunch break today, and when he announced that he would raise the inheritance tax threshold to ONE MILLION POUNDS, I was struck by how much it sounded like Dr Evil from that first Austin Powers film, and how that would make for a fine piece . . . → Read More: Mini: