May 2018
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I’m going to win an award for stating the bloody obvious here, but there are a lot of compromises that get made when you start a family. Trips to the cinema or to gigs become a rare event, and the opportunities to sit down at a weekend and watch a DVD become limited. Unless . . . → Read More: Vienna:


The original release buzz passed us by, but J watched (and rewatched) “How to Train Your Dragon” a month or two back, and since then he has gone dragon crazy. Obviously, with the release of the sequel this summer, we were going to be taking him to see the new one, but we hadn’t . . . → Read More: Toothless:

Damsels In Distress:

When I still lived with my parents, I had a corkboard in my room, upon which I used to pin ephemera and articles of interest. I don’t recall who wrote it but there was an article from the Independent on Sunday discussing the (then) New Wave of American Indie Film Directors, specifically Hal Hartley, . . . → Read More: Damsels In Distress:


Synecdoche, New York

I’ve been looking forward to Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut since I first heard about it. Kaufman’s scripts so far, whilst a little erratic, have shown flashes of genius, and the cast for this film was fantastic. (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Samantha Morton)

Luckily, although it was only in town . . . → Read More: Genius:


It’s an easy lazy comparison to make, but when I saw Donnie Darko at the cinema, myself and my mates spent the subsequent 15 minute walk to the pub, and probably a lot of the afternoon, trying to get the paradoxes straight in our head. We knew it was a great film – just . . . → Read More: Uh?


In a New Year burst of enthusiasm I’ve been to the cinema three times, and have even watched a couple of the old films that have been slowing down my amazon rental list. As I don’t have a lot else to say at the mo and as its really too cold to type, I . . . → Read More: Films:


Rol was spot-on. The new Idlewild (3rd best Scottish band ever) single really is top banana. I know we expected that, but I’m still surprised by how great it is.

And despite myself, I’m tempted by the ipod Shuffle. Yes naysayers, I know its little more than a branded memory stick with a . . . → Read More: 69: