March 2018
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MP7: Belly

At a currently unannounced point in the near-future, I’m going to be running a short (longish) distance for an as-yet unnamed charity. Yes, you will be tapped up for sponsorship, nearer the date. That’s not what this post is about.

As my running career crashed and burned back in 1983 when I nearly got . . . → Read More: MP7: Belly

MP6: Pale Saints

Pale Saints – In Ribbons

As I may have mentioned way back when, the plan with this MP3 malarkey was to utilise the turntable and to rip some tracks that I don’t otherwise have on CD, working on the assumption that maybe they’re not that widely available. As you may imagine, that’s a . . . → Read More: MP6: Pale Saints

MP5: Lush

Alvin Lives (In Leeds)

The reason for the title is buried in the mists of time, but this compilation album from 1990 sees lots of popular indie bands (and some less popular ones) covering a selection of classic tracks (and some not so classic tracks). The album’s subtitle, ‘Anti Poll Tax Trax’ gives . . . → Read More: MP5: Lush

MP4 : Chance

Age of Chance – Kiss

I’m sure I recall seeing Age of Chance perform Kiss on ‘Whistle Test’, my memory telling me that they opened it by jumping through a big paper picture of Prince, in their cycling gear. I could be wrong. Maybe I first heard it on the Peel Show. Maybe . . . → Read More: MP4 : Chance

MP3: Pixies

I'm Your Man – The Songs Of Leonard Cohen

The second step in a developing pattern sees me digging out some vinyl so as to rip a track, and it not working terribly well, which sees me going back to something else. Which is a long way of saying that this wasn’t going . . . → Read More: MP3: Pixies


My Bloody Valentine – Ecstacy And Wine

This was going to be something else, but Audacity crashed as I was converting it so I moved on.

Technically, My Bloody Valentine were the first band I saw live but I tend to overlook that as they were the support band, and we didn’t pay . . . → Read More: MP2 : MBV

MP1 : Greenhouse

Greenhouse – Mad As Love

So, Mrs M bought me a USB turntable at Christmas, and one of the things I’ve been doing ever since is not using the USB turntable, not because I don’t like it (I do, and I have far too much vinyl) but because we still don’t have the . . . → Read More: MP1 : Greenhouse