May 2018
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Red Shell:

Tootling along the M6 for an OU Tutorial this afternoon.

I’m in the outside lane. There’s a car slightly ahead of me in the middle lane, and an articulated lorry in the inside lane. The lorry decides that it needs to be in the middle lane so indicates and starts pulling out at the . . . → Read More: Red Shell:


At some point in the past few months, I came home to find E shaking at the bottom of the stairs, telling me there were loads of wasps upstairs. I went up to take a look and found probably a dozen of the buggers wriggling about. They were quite obviously not happy, and they . . . → Read More: Buzz:


My results came in last week for DD203, and it was a Grade 3 Pass. In itself, that’s not too great (it’s my lowest pass so far), but I’m quite pleased with it seeing as how I went into the exam hoping to get a high enough score to qualify for a resit (15%)

. . . → Read More: Test:


Something I wish the chap at Boots had said when I turned up at 09:50 yesterday for my 09:55 opticians appointment : “We’re ever so sorry, but we’re running a bit behind because we’re a optician down. Do you mind waiting half an hour or would you like to reschedule your appointment?”

Something I . . . → Read More: Bifocal:


Every fifteen minutes on the BBC News, there’s a Breaking News story. “It’s still snowing.” Not sure why it qualifies as Breaking News.

But still, they choose to illustrate it with a voxpop of some chap complaining about the trains and buses being cancelled. “It’s like a third-world country,” he says.

Yes, because the . . . → Read More: Snow:


This blog is coming live from the labour ward. Don’t worry, there is not much happening but we are here for more tests. The calm of the ward is punctuated every few minutes by the screams of a woman down the way. Either she’s in labour or she’s very unfortunate and is repeatedly stubbing . . . → Read More: Ward:


I pop along to see my dentist, Margaret Fernandez Jiminez. I tell her that I’ve got a loose filling. She looks inside my mouth, confirms that I do have a loose filling and gives me an injection to numb the gum.

She chips away at the old filling with, I don’t know, a . . . → Read More: Filling:


It was my birthday, and we were wandering about London trying to work out how to mark it, and it occurred to me that it’s been a while since I had a new pair of trainers, and if there was anywhere that I would find a new pair of Converse that I liked (disclaimer . . . → Read More: Territorial:


Finally confirmed this week, our annual bonus, payable because of the company performance last year. I tell E about it and she mentions that I should treat myself to something. “Good Idea”, I think, and pre-order the American Flagg trade, which I’ve had my eye on for, oh, about the four years since it . . . → Read More: Bonus: