May 2018
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Don’t Look Back

Surfer Rosa was released in 1988. The Beatles had split up 18 years previously. To an 18 year old, there was a reason why that sounded like a lifetime away. That album is 25 years old this year. It’s history. Sure, to a lot of 40-somethings, it’s desperately important personal history but that’s about . . . → Read More: Don’t Look Back

Fruit Fly:

Ah. The covers album. I’d never begrudge an artist the chance to pay homage to their influences or heroes, but it can often feel like a holding pattern, an easy way to satiate the fanbase whilst they come up with some new material. On the other hand, a decent cover can be a gateway . . . → Read More: Fruit Fly:


Twenty years ago, when I was still living at home, if I got pissed off at work, when I left the office I could just put my headphones on, crank the volume up to an earsplitting level, and not worry about things until the next time that I was in.

Today, I’ve got a . . . → Read More: Headspace:


Following the announcement last week that REM were going to cease to exist as a band, considered opinion seems to be that they should have broken up long ago, maybe when Bill Berry left the band in 1997, and that their last few albums were the sounds of a once-great band trying to rediscover . . . → Read More: REM:


Every record company under the sun is releasing ridiculous overpriced boxsets – it must be coming up to Christmas. I wonder what I could get…

Will it be the five disc version of The Beach Boys ‘Smile’ – a bargain at £124.

What about the remastered versions of the ‘This Mortal Coil‘ albums – . . . → Read More: Christmas:

Buffalo Tom – Camden Dingwalls (10/03/2011)

As I’m waiting for Buffalo Tom to take the stage at Dingwalls, I scan the check shirts around me and notice that, even allowing for indie guitars being the preserve of the male enthusiast, tonight’s gig seems a lot more male than any gig I can remember. It’s so noticeable that the first thing . . . → Read More: Buffalo Tom – Camden Dingwalls (10/03/2011)

Record Store Day 2011:

“Steeeeve”, came the plaintive cry from the wife’s facebook page. “There is a New Order release on Record Store Day, and I do have a birthday this year. Steeeeeve.”

I’m as good at reading signals as the next man, but even I could tell that something was up. From past experience, I knew that . . . → Read More: Record Store Day 2011:

Funny Bird:

Way back in 2008, I said that I was going to write a review of the Mercury Rev gig that I went to. And I didn’t do that review. But it was awesome. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for a show they are doing next May, playing Deserter’s Songs in its entirety. I looked . . . → Read More: Funny Bird:

1990 (1990):

It’s Immaterial – Song

The first It’s Immaterial album came out whilst I was in the lower sixth. It was one of those albums that helped me make the jump towards indie music. They were on Top of the Pops and in the Top 20, but they were much more difficult than a pop . . . → Read More: 1990 (1990):

1978 (2003):

Bruce Springsteen – Winterland Night

Although I had long been a Springsteen fan, it was years before I got to see him live. I didn’t start going to gigs regularly until the nineties and by then, he had broken off contact with the E Street Band and seemed somehow less essential. Hence, it wasn’t . . . → Read More: 1978 (2003):