March 2018
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I’ve been away from here for a while, and in that time, the story of the missing £10.25 million lent to the Cobblers has blown up (slight understatement)

There has been a reticence, probably for very good reasons, for any real investigative journalism, but the BBC Inside Out team did an excellent job this . . . → Read More: Cobblers:


Hi. Me again. You may remember me from the bygone times when I used to update the blog. Well, things have been busy – you know how it is. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about you.

So, way back when, I mentioned my 3 tasks for the year.

1 – Get . . . → Read More: Update:


One of the things that we don’t talk about here is the feckless administration in charge of the Northampton Borough Council. We had a disastrous Lib Dem administration leading up to 2011, when they were replaced with a Conservative administration that promised to sort out all of Northampton’s issues. Shortly after the election, there . . . → Read More: Museums:


I’m a nimby. So sue me.

Less than a mile from where I live, there’s a greenfield site. It’s mainly used at the minute as farmland, but for the past few years, some developers have been trying to get planning approval to build more than a 1000 houses there.

The land is on the . . . → Read More: Nimby:


At some point in the past few months, I came home to find E shaking at the bottom of the stairs, telling me there were loads of wasps upstairs. I went up to take a look and found probably a dozen of the buggers wriggling about. They were quite obviously not happy, and they . . . → Read More: Buzz:

The Run:

And so, having not been able to run for longer than a km this last month, I wasn’t terribly confident about the run. In fact, I’d been busy telling everybody who would listen that I would probably run 1km, walk 9km, and be happy with a time under 2 hours.

We got there horrendously . . . → Read More: The Run:


Something I wish the chap at Boots had said when I turned up at 09:50 yesterday for my 09:55 opticians appointment : “We’re ever so sorry, but we’re running a bit behind because we’re a optician down. Do you mind waiting half an hour or would you like to reschedule your appointment?”

Something I . . . → Read More: Bifocal:


There’s something about snow that turns us all into kids again. Thursday morning I was up at sevenish to take Eddie for a walk – we went through the small woods near the house before anybody else had gone out and crunched through the fresh powder.

On Friday we had a small discussion about . . . → Read More: Ice:


We were walking into town near the JobCentre. There was a wall outside about a foot high, but instead of being level, it had a 45 degree angle.

I jumped onto it. “Look”, I said. “This is the sort of thing we will have to watch out for when we come to town with . . . → Read More: Wall:

Fire Sale:

We popped into Woolies today to see what they had left on the last day. They’d arranged a load of shelves about an eighth of the way into the shop so you couldn’t get any further. Everything else was piled into crates, ‘Everything in this crate 50p’ or stacked along the wall. ‘All DVDs . . . → Read More: Fire Sale: