March 2018
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Back in the day, I’d occasionally get into a band a bit late in the day, and then have the joy of rediscovering their back catalogue, like a reverse archaelogist, finding an old album in Spinadisc or Our Price and listening to it obsessively. Before the internet, before amazon, you sometimes stumbled across albums . . . → Read More: Retro:

Sun Kil Moon – Benji:

Back in the day, I would occasionally listen to new music, and sometimes write about said music.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered the new Sun Kil Moon CD. For those of you whom are unaware, Sun Kil Moon is basically a nom de plume for Mark Kozelek, fondly remembered as being the . . . → Read More: Sun Kil Moon – Benji:

1988 (1988):

Pixies – Surfer Rosa 1988 was where everything changed. In the second year of the sixth form, I had reached the point where I had to actually make an effort to get good grades. I decided not to bother and so coasted towards a set of mediocre A Levels (2 at Grade D, 2 . . . → Read More: 1988 (1988):

MP6: Pale Saints

Pale Saints – In Ribbons

As I may have mentioned way back when, the plan with this MP3 malarkey was to utilise the turntable and to rip some tracks that I don’t otherwise have on CD, working on the assumption that maybe they’re not that widely available. As you may imagine, that’s a . . . → Read More: MP6: Pale Saints

MP5: Lush

Alvin Lives (In Leeds)

The reason for the title is buried in the mists of time, but this compilation album from 1990 sees lots of popular indie bands (and some less popular ones) covering a selection of classic tracks (and some not so classic tracks). The album’s subtitle, ‘Anti Poll Tax Trax’ gives . . . → Read More: MP5: Lush

If I Were A Man, I’d Have A Gun

‘The Real Ramona’, the 1991 album from the Throwing Muses seems to me to represent a beachhead of sorts, a culmination of where the band had been headed, and a pointer to the divergent paths the members of the band would follow over the subsequent ten years.

From their early releases it was obvious . . . → Read More: If I Were A Man, I’d Have A Gun