May 2018
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Remember me? This used to be my website, and although it may have only got slightly more traffic than an occasional table on a non-occasion, I used to try my best. As Jarvis Cocker is wont to say, “Something Changed’, and I’ve not been around much at all.

But this last fortnight has . . . → Read More: Memories:


Oh, I should be doing stuff but instead I’m blogging. Well, first of all I had to remember my password, it’s been a good while since I pressed a character on a wordpress screen…

…and that’s probably why I’m back here now. Lentil has started “Little School” (pre-school). He’s reached the grand age of . . . → Read More: Trampoline:


I’ve been a bit quiet lately – this is because every time I log in here it tells me that I should really really upgrade to 2.8.4 so I get distracted trying to do that, and then when it fails I have to do a system restore, and by that time, I’ve lost my . . . → Read More: Woe:


We were walking into town near the JobCentre. There was a wall outside about a foot high, but instead of being level, it had a 45 degree angle.

I jumped onto it. “Look”, I said. “This is the sort of thing we will have to watch out for when we come to town with . . . → Read More: Wall:


There’s no point in me writing a list of what I did in 2008 because it would be entirely dominated by the little man. We found out we were expecting about a week into the year, spent nine months getting there, and the last three months learning to cope.

It’s the most momentous . . . → Read More: Auld:


All the way through my pregnancy, I had a strong and utter belief that when Lentil was born I would breastfeed him, and that with my usual enthusiasm for such things, that belief and vision encompassed breastfeeding him until he was 11. At least.


It never crossed my mind that things might not . . . → Read More: Expressed:


I was called out the other night, spent ninety minutes or so resolving a customer’s backup problem, before going back to bed shortly before 1am.

Little man wants a feed at half-two, so Mrs M gets up and sorts him out. As she crawls back into I ask how much he took.

“4 ozs” . . . → Read More: Gibberish:


It was two-ish. The baby was making a noise. There was a consensus that maybe we should be getting him a bottle. E was talking to me about it. I murmured in my sleep that he didn’t have a 24×7 Support Agreement.

So she went to get the bottle.

It’s been a long week.


22 days ago I gave birth to Lentil by emergency c-section after 11 hours of labour, which was nice. Amongst the millions of things that ran through our shattered tiny minds was that we mustn’t become bloggers-who-only-ever-talk-about-their-baby.

“I’ll look after the blog” declared SM, “you just heal and stuff”

And so for 22 days . . . → Read More: Fruitcase:


Everything has changed now – we’ve not watched an episode of The Wire for over a week, for starters…

I’m not going to blog about Baby Miller – take it as read that I’m very happy and that he’s completely brilliant, and that I’m not getting a lot of sleep. There’s no need for . . . → Read More: Afters: