May 2018
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Marvel Comics : The Untold Story by Sean Howe

The first thing to point out is that surely this book needs an exclamation mark somewhere in the title. How can you have a book about superheroes without an exclamation mark in there? That apart, it’s a fascinating book, detailing the ups and downs and the chequered history of the House of Ideas across . . . → Read More: Marvel Comics : The Untold Story by Sean Howe


365 Nights

We’re thinking about putting out a response book where we make a commitment that for 365 nights we will find a unique excuse every night for not having sex.

Although as it’s a response book, we should get cracking on it straight away but I’m tired after a day of minding the . . . → Read More: 365:

F Stop:

Friday and I should be doing my “Book of the Week” post but I’ve only just finished the book so I’ll be saving it for next week.

Suffice to say that we are now up to Episode 5 of S2 of ‘The Wire’, and there was a Book Club scene in the Prison, all . . . → Read More: F Stop:


Having just read the book, I was going to knock up a review of V:The Second Generation, Kenneth Johnson’s belated attempt to rekindlethe V franchise, but I can’t really be motivated. It reads like a novelization of a TV show, perhaps unsurprisingly as it’s based on his script treatment, but for somebody so desperate . . . → Read More: V

Books : Our Ecstatic Days

I’ve been nocturnally reading the new Steve Erickson book, Our Ecstatic Days over the past week or so. As ever, I’m struck by the way in which he repeats themes from book to book, and even in the first 50 pages of this new novel, I notice references cropping up that track back to . . . → Read More: Books : Our Ecstatic Days


Idly following links on amazon, and I came across the following book, due to be released soon in the UK :

Just what I don’t need. Looks like its a lovely Thames & Hudson hardback as well, so even if it’s full of crap (Miller, its a book about shoes), it’ll . . . → Read More: 71: