May 2018
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The Run:

And so, having not been able to run for longer than a km this last month, I wasn’t terribly confident about the run. In fact, I’d been busy telling everybody who would listen that I would probably run 1km, walk 9km, and be happy with a time under 2 hours.

We got there horrendously . . . → Read More: The Run:


I had swimming lessons as a kid. I started to go short sighted as a kid. Basically, for as long as I can recall I’ve had visibility issues when I swim. I can’t read signs, I can’t see the clock, and I’m occasionally surprised by people who have the nerve to be swimming in . . . → Read More: Agog:


As I may have mentioned a few times here, I’m currently training hard for a sponsored run. Of course, when I say ‘training hard’, I mean that I run to the chip shop and walk back with a bag of chips and curry sauce. This may have some effect on my success (or lack . . . → Read More: Three:

MP7: Belly

At a currently unannounced point in the near-future, I’m going to be running a short (longish) distance for an as-yet unnamed charity. Yes, you will be tapped up for sponsorship, nearer the date. That’s not what this post is about.

As my running career crashed and burned back in 1983 when I nearly got . . . → Read More: MP7: Belly


A long time ago, I took part in a sponsored swim. Everybody did that thing where they sponsored me for the swim, not for the number of lengths, so I could have done 10 lengths or 100 lengths – I’d still have raised the same amount of money.

I think the minimum was 10 . . . → Read More: Swim: