March 2018
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1990 (1990):

It’s Immaterial – Song

The first It’s Immaterial album came out whilst I was in the lower sixth. It was one of those albums that helped me make the jump towards indie music. They were on Top of the Pops and in the Top 20, but they were much more difficult than a pop . . . → Read More: 1990 (1990):

1978 (2003):

Bruce Springsteen – Winterland Night

Although I had long been a Springsteen fan, it was years before I got to see him live. I didn’t start going to gigs regularly until the nineties and by then, he had broken off contact with the E Street Band and seemed somehow less essential. Hence, it wasn’t . . . → Read More: 1978 (2003):

2003 (2003):

The Cardigans – Long Gone Before Daylight

Around the start of this century, I was asked by Robert Duffy to write a column about British music for his nascent website, Obviously I was flattered to be asked, and despite my lack of suitability for the role, I eagerly accepted.

I was sill . . . → Read More: 2003 (2003):

1981 (1983):

Queen – Greatest Hits

I used to watch a lot of cricket back in 1983. A ‘Schoolboy’ season ticket to watch Northamptonshire cost around £11. We would cycle to the ground, lock our bikes to the crash barriers in the football terraces, and spend the day there watching the game and hanging out with . . . → Read More: 1981 (1983):

1991 (1991):

Mercury Rev – Yerself Is Steam

This was another of those albums that I read because of a review in a magazine – this time around it was Album of the Month in an issue of Select, with a full page review by Graham Linehan (pre Father Ted).

It was like nothing I’d ever . . . → Read More: 1991 (1991):

Danielson Famile

Mr M is currently eggshelling a skirting board and so has asked me to “quickly bang out 500 words on the Danielson Famile” for him.


It was late 2003 (possibly) and our relationship was in its early few weeks: Mr M & I engaged in the rituals of early courtship, revelling in each . . . → Read More: Danielson Famile

1987 (1987):

The Housemartins – The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death

The understanding in the Sixth Form was that we would apply for Higher Education. University Prospectuses were suddenly everywhere, and our tutor group classes started to focus on how to complete UCCA and PCAS forms.

The Sixth Form was my first (and only) chance . . . → Read More: 1987 (1987):

1989 (1990):

Lush – Scar

I’m not sure where my 4AD obsession crept in. It was probably linked to the Pixies. It was probably linked to Lush.

In 1989 they were an the archetypal 4AD band. They combined the wishy washy vocals of the Cocteaus with the crushing guitars of the Pixies. And they let . . . → Read More: 1989 (1990):

1997 (1997):

Gene – Drawn To The Deep End

After years of fighting the inevitable, my job got outsourced by default. My company merged with another one that was 1 year into a 10 year outsourcing contract with IBM – it stood to reason that the merged IT functions would all be within IBM.

My . . . → Read More: 1997 (1997):

2002 (2002):

The Breeders – Title Tk

By 2002 I was working shifts again, this time for a Computer Services Company. With 12 hour shifts, an 80 mile (each way) commute, and a job that I could have done with my eyes shut, I wasn’t getting a whole lot of job satisfaction. We had a 17 . . . → Read More: 2002 (2002):