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Vincent And The Doctor:

Things I Liked : The bit where Van Gogh invites the Doctor and Amy to see what he sees, the sensitive side to the Doctor, the acting-its all about the acting. I even quite liked Bill Nighy.

Things I didn’t like : Did it really need the Athlete song at the end? We get it, we’re meant to be sad.

I’ve seen a lot of wise people saying that this episode really struck an emotional chord with them. Whilst I can see why it would do that, it didn’t have that effect upon me. But, every now and then Doctor Who demonstrates that the show doesn’t really have confines, and I think the trifecta that is this episode, Amy’s Choice, and The Lodger demonstrate the strength of the show when it thinks outside the box. I wouldn’t argue that any of those three are the best that Doctor Who can offer, but taken together, I think they are a fantastic example of its versatility.


1 comment to Vincent And The Doctor:

  • In my head it plays out like this:

    Sfx: Phone rings
    Man answers: Hello? Richard Curtis speaking.
    [10 x beat]
    Man: Doctor Who, you say?
    [2 x beat]
    Free rein on a script?
    [1 x beat]
    That sounds marvellous. I’ll do it!
    [5 x beat]
    Yes, leave the supporting cast to me. Bye!

    Man hangs up, scratches his head and looks pensive for a few moments before picking up the handset and dials.

    Man: Hello, Bill? It’s Richard. Are you doing anything at the moment?

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