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The Lodger:

Things I expected to hate : Pretty much the whole thing.

Things I liked : Pretty much the whole thing.

I hated this episode from the moment I heard about it. I’ve been underwhelmed by everything Who that Gareth Roberts has penned, and James Corden has irritated me in everything, even Gavin & Stacey. Lastly, it was the comedy filler episode before the big finale. Seriously, if I hadn’t loved this series so much, I would probably have skipped it.

I’d have missed something rather wonderful.

As Craig, we see that when James Corden-the actor isn’t playing James Corden-the character, he’s actually rather good. Craig is sympathetic and likable, never boorish. It’s a winning turn. And the script is genuinely funny, with Matt Smith demonstrating that not only can he do the funny, but that it doesn’t sell his Doctor short. He’s funny in the way that Tom Baker is funny.

Finally, is it inconsequential? I said that about a few of the stories this season, but that taken together they illustrate the breadth of the show. As I write this, we’re halfway through the series finale, and, along with hundreds of Who-nerds, I’m wondering if maybe these episodes were far more crucial to the whole jigsaw than we previously thought.


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