April 2014
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Remember me? This used to be my website, and although it may have only got slightly more traffic than an occasional table on a non-occasion, I used to try my best. As Jarvis Cocker is wont to say, “Something Changed’, and I’ve not been around much at all.

But this last fortnight has been one of those passages of time that just beg to be marked in some shape or form, and as the local paper has gone weekly, it’s much less easy to take out an announcement.

So, on a Friday a couple of weeks ago, our second son came into this world. He’s ace. Mother is ace. Firstborn is still ace. I’m still a little gobsmacked by the newness of it all, and that it still all feels like newness, but it’s ace. Did I mention that yet?

And then yesterday, we got confirmation that we have our first choice Primary School for our firstborn, which he starts in September. I can’t believe that I would end up being the person who lies awake at night wondering if the County Council Admissions Service will do us right, but it has happened to me and, as far as I can tell, they have.

It feels significant. Only time will tell how significant, but until then…

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