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Tomb of Dracula – preamble

Way back when, I had issue 1 of a Marvel UK comic called Dracula Lives. I think it was one of those things where a neighbour bequeathed me a pile of comics, and this was one of them. We’re talking mid seventies. Amongst the other delights in that comic was the first issue of the US Tomb of Dracula story. Well, the first half. In typical Marvel UK style, it would spread a monthly story out into instalments for the UK weekly market. So, although I loved that issue, it ended on a cliffhanger where they find the tomb of Dracula, body and stake intact. I never saw Issue 2.

Some years later, and Marvel brings out the first of their Tomb of Dracula omnibuses, collecting a veritable shedload of Woflman / Colan goodness. So I buy it, and I finally manage to find out what happens.

But I’ve never read all the way through that omnibus. Or through Volume2. Or through Volume3.

So this is my new intention. Whilst I have the time in the evening, I’m going to read those stories, and then I’m going to blog them. It’s not the cutting edge social documentary that you’re probably all used to, but if it helps me to rediscover the writing habit, it’s a good thing. And really, it’s a great comic.

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