May 2018
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Last night I blogged for the first time in an age. It was short & perfunctory, true, but I am easing myself back in slowly (said the vicar to the tart).

I had another baby this year. The Small People in my life might get a mention from time to time, but I will try to keep most of that to Facebook where it’s the done thing to inflict the minutiae of child rearing on everyone. Here, at Miller Towers, we have few Christmas traditions outside of ‘spend money’, ‘eat food’ and ‘try to keep the children entertained’ so the last month on Facebook and other social media has been quite exhausting and probably leave lesser mortals feeling inferior that they haven’t had an Elf on a Shelf, Christmas Eve Boxes, etc., etc.. We did dilly with the idea of going to a traditional (non-celeb) pantomine but instead patronised the Father Christmas at a small heritage train line nearby…which the small people enjoyed…and then went on a special Christmas Eve drive around the streets to look at other people’s christmas lights. And now we hover downstairs, rolls of wrapping paper, sellotape and labels to hand, waiting for the Larger of the Small People to give in & go to sodding sleep so we can wrap the presents…the presents that lie under our bed in an ill thought out quick staging post twixt loft and under the tree.

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