May 2018
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An update to my three projects.

– The political endeavour continues apace. I have been to three meetings so far this year, where we have talked a lot about how we are going to bring down the government, and I think (lowercase) that we may even go and do some canvassing before the next meeting.

– Some of the walls in the house have had some of their paper removed. It’s not earth shattering, but it is progress of sorts.

– The secret project continues at its leisurely pace. I do have a collaborator now, so maybe it will happen twice as fast.

This post has been written under the influence of Talking Heads :

2 comments to Progress:

  • I believe the only political tool that will make a real difference is a revolution. The party system perpetuates the wrongness. No matter who the British public votes for, the government will always get in. All parties are scrabbling for the centre ground. We no longer have a genuine socialist party. We have a government and an opposition of political incompetents and the stench of corruption permeates every single pore of every single MP. The last MP I had any respect for died this week. I see none of honour, of courage, of principle, capable of taking his place. The Westminster mindset stifles creative thinking. The party system stifles independent thought. We are on a cycle that is too depressing to dwell on. The only solution is to throw the current rules, the current systems away, and apply logic and intelligence to building a proper method of accountability and representation. At the moment we have neither of these thing.

    Sorry, I seem to have sicked up a bit of a rant.

  • Steve

    Rants are good. I doubt that I will make a difference, campaigning for a true minority party. I’ll consider it a sea change if we get a borough councillor next year!

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