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Indie Schmindie:

The Pixies have always been my favourite band. They were my favourite band in 1988, the noise of Surfer Rosa reverberating around my headphones on the way to school and in the Sixth Form Common Room. They were my favourite band throughout the nineties despite their absence from most of it, and I travelled to Glasgow early in the noughties on the off-chance that Frank Black was now playing a few Pixies songs in his solo set. (He did / they were marvellous)

I recall a conversation in 2004, after the reunion tour had been announced, and I said that they should have made an absolute mint when they were current, and that I was glad they were reuniting and that they were going to be absolutely huge. And they were huge, and I saw them lots of times, and even though there wasn’t any new material, that was never really the point. Every time I saw them live, their bone-crunching live sound reaffirmed my faith.

Last year, they started to release new music. Is it good? Is it not good? I will let you be the judge of that. I’m a fan, and its difficult for me to be purely objective about this. What I do know is that faced with the choice of a digital download, or a lovely limited single in a Vaughan Oliver wrapping, I happily stumped up the extra and went with the vinyl. Again, another conversation. Before the gig at the end of last year, I was talking with a fellow fan how we expected all the tracks to be classics now, and that we’ve forgotten that back in the day a band would have b-sides and non-album tracks, and that we should treat some of these new tracks as such.

And then yesterday, the announcement of another EP, 3 new tracks. Vinyl. Vaughan Oliver. Hooray. But at the same time, an album, featuring all of the 12 tracks from those 3 EPs, available on Ltd Edition Vinyl, and on Ltd Edition CD with extra tracks.

And, for the first time, I feel like they’re taking the piss out of me a little. They know that I will buy this stuff again. It’s what I’ve been doing for 26 years after all. Its what music fans do – it’s what Pixies fans do. As I said in 2004, I don’t begrudge them their earnings. They should have been the biggest band in the world the first time around, I’m glad for their success and their audience when they came back. I’m glad there’s new material, I’m even looking forward to holding the new releases in my hands, filing them away next to my earlier albums, next to my screenprinted copy of the first Frank Black album, my copy of Bossanova with the lyric booklet, my Velouria Cassette Single.

I just wish it didn’t feel like such a blatant cash grab.

They’re still my favourite band.

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  • Rol

    I saw all this and thought “yeah, but what about a bog-standard CD version???”

    Then I found they’re doing that, just not through the website. So I’ll be ordering my copy via Amazon instead.

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