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My history with Record Store Day is chequered. In 2011, I was in town with Mrs M, and we vaguely looked it up in Google to find there were two stores listed in town. We thought this was strange as our local record store had long since closed down. So, we went to the first of those stores, upstairs at a local furniture store, to find a couple of chaps preparing to open their store. They said they had a couple of dance singles from RSD, but that we should try the other shop, on the other side of town.

I went to that store, and in amongst it’s piercing paraphernalia, and rave CDs, it also had lots of RSD stuff. I bought a Big Star LP, a New Order / Joy Division 12″, and resolved to go to the store earlier the following year.

In 2012, we got there earlier, but not early enough. The store had obviously been open a little while – there were people coming out with product and I got a couple of 7″s – Ryan Adams and somebody else that I don’t even recall. Next year, I will queue !

2013 was about a fortnight after N was born. Although Mrs M had said that I should go to the store, I recall us having a not particularly great night, so I actually crept into the store after 10am. I bought a Big Star LP.

2014 was going to be my year. Everybody else was fed up with the increasing commercialism and the huge list of product. I knew that my local store was my secret weapon, and that people were not going to be looking for the same indie nichey stuff that I was after. If I could get the store to order some of this, my luck would be in.

And it was so. I had a list of possibles and the only thing that I couldn’t get was the Joy Division 12″. I got the Songs:Ohia 7″ box set, the Lemonheads and Cardinal LPs, and a few other things as well. I’m sure there is lots wrong with Record Store Day but I really enjoyed it – and I saw some other stuff while I was browsing, so I think his product range is diversifying, and I’m going to try and pop back in next week.

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