March 2018
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I said I was going to get more involved in local politics. I did say that, didn’t I? Did I mention that this was going to be the easiest one of my goals to complete, based on the fact that last year, I did bugger all with local politics? So, all I had to do this year was turn up and it would be job done.

Well, I’ve done more than that. I’ve been to local party meetings, I’ve been knocking on doorsteps. A couple of weeks ago, we had a stall in the town centre and I hung around there for an hour or so, trying to entice passers-by into taking my lovely leaflets.

We were stymied by the fact that we didn’t have any local elections last week – just the Euros, but although we wanted to do our bit to boost the vote for the Euros, I’m much more interested in planning for the Council elections next year. We’ve never had a councillor, nor an MP in this town, but I reckon we’ve got a chance next year. It might seem like a thankless task being involved with a small party because there’s only a small number of people getting involved, but it means that I have a real chance to influence the campaign, so I’m really getting stuck in.

Across Northampton, we pushed the Lib Dems down to 5th. We didn’t get a representative across the region cos we didn’t get near the vote of Big 3 but hey, nobody ever said it was easy being green.

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