March 2018
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And back to dialogue, my half hearted nemesis. This week I felt I warmed up a little more with dialogue. We tackled two scenarios, conversation between 2 strangers on a train and a monologue and covered some protocols about proportion of dialogue to description.

Dialogue: (choose 2 characters from Car1, 253 by Geoff Ryman)

Eveleen lent forward in her seat, “I love your bag” she called to the woman who had just sat in front of her.

The other lady twitched uncomfortably and look around before answering, “this old thing?”

“Yes! It’s a lovely colour. I love bags” and she offered several forward for inspection.

Joy stared back at the open, friendly face in front of her, “are you lonely?”

“OH! What a question!”

“I’m sorry, it’s just…well”, she looked about the carriage at a sea of unseeing faces, “it’s not normal to talk on the tube is it?”

“That’s WHY I like to talk, because we don’t talk. We just avoid eyes and dash for seats…sitting together but apart, united by a fear of the dif…”



“Top Shop. Last year…the bag”. Joy picked up her paper with what she hoped was an air of finality.

“Which one? The big one on Oxford Street?”

Joy made an embarrassed growl sound: “Yes.”

“Did you see about the swarm of bees?”

Joy stared hard at her paper, quietly planning to change carriage at the next stop.

Monologue: (from a list of scenarios, I chose ‘pacing the floor, practicing a speech’

“Hands at side? Hands! Where do my hands go? Notes! Hold my notes. Both hands? One hand? Mustn’t put hands in pocket. Must look at audience. Mustn’t STARE at audience. Pace. Don’t pace. Pace a bit? On Christ!! Happy place…happy place. The dog in the field. Must pee. Mustn’t splash water on trousers. How long have I got? Water…NOTES! Mustn’t stare. Must make eye contact. Hands. What was my first line. Where’s the speech! My notes! Hands! HANDS! Where should I put my bloody hands.”

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