March 2018
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The original release buzz passed us by, but J watched (and rewatched) “How to Train Your Dragon” a month or two back, and since then he has gone dragon crazy. Obviously, with the release of the sequel this summer, we were going to be taking him to see the new one, but we hadn’t set a date. However, I had a couple of days off of work before we set off on our holiday, so Mrs M suggested that I might want to take him to see the film.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Off we went. J, Toothless (the toy version of the dragon) and I. We sat through the coming attractions and settled down for what would surely be a big studio formula piece of cartoonery.

By the end of it, I was a wreck. It brought tears to my eyes at three separate occasions. If you’ve seen the film, you will know when. At one of them, J turned to me and asked me a question about the film, his own eyes filling up with tears. “Yes”, I answered, as composed as I could. “It’ll be alright”, I said, and took his hand in mine.

I don’t cry at films. Correction, I never used to cry at films. I saw ET with my mother and sister and remained emotionless for the duration. But I think things changed when I became a father. I now find myself welling up at a particular moment in Pixar’s “Cars”, for God’s sake.

Even so, this new one feels like a watershed. All three of the moments were to do with family, and I think those sentiments hit me much harder now I’m a dad.

And it got me to thinking, I wonder if this was how my Dad felt after we saw “The Empire Strikes Back”.

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