March 2018
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Hi. Me again. You may remember me from the bygone times when I used to update the blog. Well, things have been busy – you know how it is. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about you.

So, way back when, I mentioned my 3 tasks for the year.

1 – Get the house decorated
2 – Get more involved in local politics ahead of the 2015 elections
3 – Finish my secret project

How am I doing? Mixed.

1 – We’ve got some of the house decorated. Which is better than none of the house. The frontroom downstairs (and the stairs and the landing) all look swell. The boys have both had their bedrooms painted. The back rooms are not so great but they are livable. In an ideal world, we would have replaced all of the carpets, but in an ideal world, I would also have won the jackpot on the lottery, and I would be able to afford to replace all of the carpets.

2 – Er. Yeah. I’m a lot more involved in local politics. I’ve been to every monthly meeting this year. As well as being involved with the local party, I’ve got involved with the Regional Party and held a workshop at the regional conference. I’ve been knocking on doors – I’ve run a hustings event and I’ve run our candidate selection procedure for 2015. I’ve even had my name in the paper as a representative of the Party. All of which is tremendously exciting, albeit time consuming. Where will it go? I don’t know. But the elections are due in 2015, and I know that I want us to do the best that we can.

3 – Which maybe explains my lack of progress on the secret project.

What’s next? Well – 2015.

Fare thee well.

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