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I started listening to ‘Indie Cindy’ again last week, and considered again the reaction it was met with when it was originally released a couple of years ago. Look at drowned in sound: “There are worse things in life than being the fifth-best Pixies album” or Paste magazine’s “The songs still sound like pallid imitations of the Pixies’ best material, as though created by a local Pixies covers band.”


I was very much in the underwhelmed column. Sure, I enjoyed some of the tracks, but, compared to their back catalogue, it seemed like a slight return.

But I pulled out the CD last week, cranked up the volume, and there are moments that remind you how great the Pixies are. I know that everybody loves Kim Deal, but my favourite band member was always Joey Santiago – I used to have a framed poster of him on my wall. I’d never heard another guitarist propel a song like him, and, with the benefit of hindsight, whilst Kim might be absent on ‘Indie Cindy’, Joey is all over the album.

I’ve discovered a new love for ‘Bagboy’, bellowing along with the lyrics in the car as the chugga-chugga forces that song to it’s inevitable climax, but I’ve discovered a new love for ‘Snakes’, which I think had completely passed me by before.

So I posted last week that I really wanted to see them live again this year. I’ve not seen them since they recruited Paz a while back. And today, they announced a London date in July. It’s already sold out. I’ve got tickets. I need to have a chat with Mrs M.

Same as it ever was.

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