May 2018
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18 months since I last posted on this blog. In that time, I’ve had a promotion, stood in an election to be a County Councillor (which I lost), stood in an election to be a Member of Parliament (which I lost) and have been generally pretty busy of an evening. The blog’s been neglected. And there are only so many times we can do this without wondering “Well, what’s the point of the blog anyway?”

I figured I should use it or lose it. Rol is a good example of how you can make a blog work even when your time is squeezed. He’s doing less frequent posts, but is making sure he keeps the habit going, and his is a blog that I always enjoy reading.

My pal, Paul Rainey has started a new blog where he talks about his experiences with the Mighty World of Marvel as a slightly older reader. I look forward to reading this as I have fond memories of the comic as well, even if my collection was hugely incomplete.

I’m going to try and follow their examples and post more regularly. These posts might be serious, they might be trivial. They might be about music, or television. They might even be about rootbeer.

Let’s rock.

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