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Back in the day, I’d occasionally get into a band a bit late in the day, and then have the joy of rediscovering their back catalogue, like a reverse archaelogist, finding an old album in Spinadisc or Our Price and listening to it obsessively. Before the internet, before amazon, you sometimes stumbled across albums like this. I had no idea how many albums (for instance) the Lemonheads had released when I stumbled across Lick in 4Play, but I bought it, played it loud, and added it to the sum of my knowledge.

As I get older, this has happened less and less. Partly that’s because when you are reading the music press and listening to stuff, you get into bands earlier. I have every Mercury Rev album because I was there at the beginning, rather than discovering them at Deserters Songs. Same with Pixies. Same with Pavement. And I listen to music a lot less now than I used to. I’m not disenchanted, but I’ve become disengaged.

Which is why I’ve come to the National so late, and why I’m now overcompensating like a religous fanatic. They’re one of those bands that, for the past few years, if I hear them on 6 Music, I look at the “Now Playing” info and make a mental note to check them out. I’ve never got any further than doing that.

But I heard the lead track from their upcoming album a lot, and every time I heard it, I liked it more. At some point, I started actively seeking it out to listen to, and, having realised that the new album is actually their seventh, whilst I am waiting for this, I started to dig out their old work.

I’ve still only got three of their albums. I’ve not even listened to all three of those. Every couple of days, I discover a new favourite track, (Currently, it’s Graceless) and if you asked me, I’d find it really difficult to tell you what I love about them. Maybe in a week or two, I’ll be over it. Maybe it will be before the new album comes out, which will be a tad embarrassing as the chap at the record shop is putting a copy aside for me. Until then, I’ll leave you with this.

3 comments to Retro:

  • Rol

    Murder Me, Rachael was the first song I heard of theirs. It’s still my favourite… although The Geese of Beverly Road comes close.

    I stumbled across them quite by accident at a festival many years ago (when I still went to festivals!). There was nothing else on I fancied, so I strolled into the tiny tent they were playing and was quite taken.

  • Steve

    Do you like the more recent stuff?

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