March 2018
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Rol was spot-on. The new Idlewild (3rd best Scottish band ever) single really is top banana. I know we expected that, but I’m still surprised by how great it is.

And despite myself, I’m tempted by the ipod Shuffle. Yes naysayers, I know its little more than a branded memory stick with a minor concession to media playback. That’s not the point. I trust Apple. I know that their products are intuitive and reliable, and, truth be told, it would be easier to wear at the gym than my 2nd gen. Yes, there’s a subtext in there about the gym, but it’s going to remain hidden.

Tomorrow, its London town to see Dead Of Night at the NFT, a portmanteau horror film from 1945. I’m looking forward to it a lot.

4 comments to 69:

  • Rad

    What happened to 68?
    Was there subtext? Sorry but I’m fick!
    How cool is the mac mini?

  • SM

    I think the subtext is that I’m using my old iPod as an excuse for not going to the gym – its too heavy, dontcha know 🙂

    Went to the Apple Store – no sign of either the Mac Mini or the iPod Shuffle. Good job, I’d have probably bought one of each !

  • I believe both the shuffle and the mini go on sale the week after next…

  • Rad

    Sounds like you need to work out more if you’re finding your iPod a bit heavy. Puff!

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