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MP3: Pixies

I'm Your Man - The Songs Of Leonard Cohen

I'm Your Man - The Songs Of Leonard Cohen

The second step in a developing pattern sees me digging out some vinyl so as to rip a track, and it not working terribly well, which sees me going back to something else. Which is a long way of saying that this wasn’t going to be the Pixies.

Mind you, if ever I was going to make a mixtape it would have the Pixies on it. I remember joking years ago in another online space that my obituary would probably read “Favourite Band : Pixies” and although bands come and go and I can’t remember the last time I listened to them, I don’t really think there’s a serious competitor. They were the first band that I truly loved and for all their imperfections, I still adore them.

I bought the Leonard Cohen tribute album purely for the Pixies track. Sure, it had an REM one on and I listened to that but really, I wasn’t particularly a Leonard Cohen fan and I didn’t give two hoots about the rest of the album. My role of Pixies completist meant that I needed that track, and, even if they did knock it out in ten minutes between takes for ‘Trompe Le Monde’, I still loved it, and listened to it over and over again, always lifting the needle before I had the misfortune of listening to The Lilac Time.

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