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MP5: Lush

Alvin Lives (In Leeds)

Alvin Lives (In Leeds)

The reason for the title is buried in the mists of time, but this compilation album from 1990 sees lots of popular indie bands (and some less popular ones) covering a selection of classic tracks (and some not so classic tracks). The album’s subtitle, ‘Anti Poll Tax Trax’ gives a clue to the cause, and indeed all profits from the album went to the ‘Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay Resource Unit’, whatever that was.

The album featured such delights as The Wedding Present recording ‘Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile)’ and Robin Hitchock with ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ but, in much the same vein as the Leonard Cohen tribute album, one of my favourite 4AD bands was on there, and I bought the album for the Lush cover of ‘Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.’

I’m not sure if they were embarrased by the track or not, but, unlike ‘Hey Heh Helen’, an Abba cover that they recorded around the same time, this track didn’t make it onto their early compilation ‘Gala’. If you’re a fan of Lush or indeed the early shoegazing scene, this track is worth a listen, if only to prove that not all of the bands took their music too seriously.

3 comments to MP5: Lush

  • Rol

    That’s excellent… but then, you know me – I’m a fan of the original! 😉

    I had one horrible feeling on listening to the intro that after about 30 seconds it was going to break out into some kind of big Utah Saints dance beat. I don’t know why, because Lush were hardly known for suchj idiocy… I could just hear it coming. Thankfully, it didn’t happen.

  • Aaargh! My ears are bleeding. 🙂

  • Stewby

    Thanks so much for posting, strangely a workmate was singing the original last week (which I’d never heard before) and then tonight I find out Lush had covered it, I like it!

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