May 2018
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There’s something about snow that turns us all into kids again. Thursday morning I was up at sevenish to take Eddie for a walk – we went through the small woods near the house before anybody else had gone out and crunched through the fresh powder.

On Friday we had a small discussion about whether I should drive in, before the snow flurried down again and ended up twice as deep as before.

Going out today, I remember how satisfying it is to walk over frozen snow, the satisfying ker-unch beneath your feet as it gives way. I also find myself remembering quite how tiring it can be walking in deep snow when I’m out in the field with Eddie. And obviously I remember that after the snow comes the thaw, and everything turns to slush and your trousers get soaked every time you leave the house.

But I’d take that, given the choice. I can’t remember the last time I saw snow like this. Our road is full of snowmen and snow forts, and it reminds me of doing the same when I was a kid and schools were closed and all is as it should be.

2 comments to Ice:

  • I spent 30 mins throwing snowballs across the frozen lake earlier. It was cool.

  • […] That was last week. I have now been a ‘prisoner’ of the snow & ice for the best part of a week. We are surrounded by semi-frozen slush, ankle thick in places and it is very hardwork to push through it with the pram. The sling is also out the question as I cannot risk falling while carrying Lentil…and so I haven’t been further than two streets away for what feels like forever. […]

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