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Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York

I’ve been looking forward to Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut since I first heard about it. Kaufman’s scripts so far, whilst a little erratic, have shown flashes of genius, and the cast for this film was fantastic. (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Samantha Morton)

Luckily, although it was only in town for three days, one of those days was post OU exam, so I wouldn’t be neglecting my revision to see it,  and set off for the local college / Uni to see the movie.

It’s weird. It’s more than a little weird. Hoffman is a theatre producer, stuck in a loveless marriage, and paralysed by fears of dying having achieved nothing. As his marriage breaks down, he is awarded a Genius Grant with the purpose of creating a piece of work is challenging, powerful, and truthful.

And naturally he comes up with a genius idea and then gets bogged down in the complexity of it and the pressure to come up with something worthwhile. It’s a bonkers film. It’s got moments of madness and moments of laugh-out-loud hilarity.

It’s got a lead character who seems to have no sense of chronology. At one point he mentions that his wife has only been on vacation for a week, and Samantha Morton’s character replies that she’s been gone for a year and she really should buy him a diary. It’s not the only exchange like this, but the beauty is that it doesn’t really matter because it all seems to make sense in the contained universe of the film, and even if, by the end, you aren’t sure exactly who is who any more, it’s all a bit beautiful.

I loved it. I think I loved it. I need to see it again to double check.

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