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The Run:

And so, having not been able to run for longer than a km this last month, I wasn’t terribly confident about the run. In fact, I’d been busy telling everybody who would listen that I would probably run 1km, walk 9km, and be happy with a time under 2 hours.

We got there horrendously early and then, in true Northampton style, the start was delayed by half an hour or so because of issues with the road closures. Or something. Still enough time for me to chat to a nice bloke from Radio Northampton about my formidable (or not) training regime.

E and pup were waiting patiently down the road for the runners to appear.

Finally we set off. And we waved to E and pup as we passed them down the road.

And we carried on running. And my knee, although it gave me twinges around 5km, held up, and I managed to run most of the 10km.

I roped 4 of my work  colleagues in to run with me. Although we didn’t stick together, we all finished within 4 of each other, and I was very pleased to see, as I came in to finish, that the timer said 1 hour 6 minutes. I’m hoping it might be slightly less and I’m hugely encouraged by that time. If my knee holds up, and I can get training again, I can easily see myself knocking 6 minutes off of that time.

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