May 2018
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At some point in the past few months, I came home to find E shaking at the bottom of the stairs, telling me there were loads of wasps upstairs. I went up to take a look and found probably a dozen of the buggers wriggling about. They were quite obviously not happy, and they were less happy after I sorted them out. But it confirmed what we thought, the plumber had been up in the loft to do something with the boiler, and they’d probably got out through the open hatch. At some point in the winter, we were going to have to find the nest and remove it.

Which we did yesterday. Naturally, it was precariously placed in the part of the loft with no boards, so getting over to it was a delicate balancing act. Wasps nests are apparently made of paper pulp, so although it was huge, it just started to collapse into dust whenever I tried to pick it up. So I got a bag, wrapped it around the nest and passed it down.

E took some photos before chucking it into the bin. We’re a little bit amazed by the patterns and the glory and the sheer size of the thing. And, truth be told, a little terrified. Now, all we have to do is make sure that there’s no chance a wasp can ever get back into our roofspace. Do you think I could just put up a sign saying ‘No wasps’?


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  • My parents had a wasps nest a year or two back and my mum told me that they don’t nest in the same place twice. Please note, this is not a legally binding statement.

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