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The Eleventh Hour:

Things that I didn’t like :  When the Doctor programmed the virus, it felt like an RTD plot device. Of course, had it been an RTD plot device, that would have been the part that somehow provided the denounement (and remained unexplained) As it was, it helped the Atraxi to track down Prisoner Zero (and it was explained)

Things that I did like : Everything else.

As a fan, I loved the nods to what’s gone before. The glimpse of the old villains and the past Doctors was brilliant, and it’s nice to have a Doctor that can’t fly his Tardis with pinpoint accuracy.

The two leads were fantastic. Hopefully the Doctor and Companion relationship will be far removed from the simpering fawning that we got with Tennant and his chums.

I thought it was very brave to launch the show with ten minutes of Matt Smith and a child, although maybe that’s a good way to get the family audience involved. It’s a similar trick to the one that Moffat did with Renee at the start of ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’

The direction throughout was excellent. I loved the stark scenes at the beginning. The red windmill toy, the deserted bench in the night.

Mostly, I loved that we have an episode of Doctor Who that doesn’t hang on the writer cooking up a resolution for Act 4 and then just throwing it into the mix from out of nowhere.


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