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The Beast Below:

Things that I didn’t like – It didn’t really have any baddies in the conventional sense. On analysis, some of the plot elements maybe don’t hang together. (I’m thinking of the Smilers)

Things that I did like – It was still very good. It reminded me of a classic four part story, squeezed into one 45 minute episode, which explained why some parts of it could have done with a bit more explanation. There’s a lot more depth to it than the equivalent RTD episode (The End of the World) and the atmosphere feels much more bleak than on Platform One.

The supporting cast (Liz X, the Demon Headmaster) were excellent, and the two leads are developing nicely. The Smilers did look fantastically sinister, and I loved the realisation that the Star Whale just wanted to look after the children.

Looking forward to the Daleks.


3 comments to The Beast Below:

  • Not yet seen it. Trying to find the time to get through the backlog on the digibox.

  • Rol

    “It didn’t really have any baddies in the conventional sense.”

    Wasn’t that rather innovative?

  • Possibly – I was maybe trying to find a reason why it didn’t quite hold together for me and that’s where I got to. (it was still miles better than pretty much every RTD script mind you)

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