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The Time of Angels / Flesh & Stone:

Things I liked : Pretty much everything

Things I didn’t like : At a push, Alex Kingston, but that’s Alex Kingston, not necessarily Alex Kingston in Doctor Who.

I’ve said it before, but the difference between Steven Moffat and RTD is that one of them knows how to plot. One of them lays clues in an episode that only become important later on, whereas the other one just comes up with revelations out of nowhere.

This two parter is full of marvellous moments, and it would be wrong to not mention the final conversation between the Doctor and Octavian.

“I wish I’d known you better.”
“I think sir, you’ve known me at my best.”

That’s one of the greatest exchanges I’ve ever seen in Doctor Who.

And there’s the angels. Fair enough, they behave a little differently to the ones in ‘Blink’, but if they were going to become a genuine threat rather than a one trick pony, that was inevitable. They’re still bloody scary though, and the homage to ‘The Ring’ in the first episode was terrifying.

And then, and then.


The thing about Moffat’s plotting…

There are two Doctors in the forest.

The Doctor, River and Octavian nip off to find the Control Room, leaving Amy in the forest, guarded by the soldiers.

And then the Doctor pops back to tell Amy how important it is that she trusts him, and that she needs to remember what he told her when she was seven.

It’s not the same Doctor.

He’s wearing shirt sleeves in the two scenes either side. In this scene he’s wearing his jacket, a jacket that he obviously lost to the Angels a few minutes previously. His manner is different, he’s nervy, looking around to make sure nobody else sees him.

I don’t know what the deal is. I’m loving the speculation. But the fantastic thing is the evidence that Moffat is taking the labyrinthine plotting that he specialises in and playing it out across the series.

It’s a moment that’s so subtle that you’d miss it. It’s like a little secret moment in the middle of the story that makes you want to dash back and examine every unexplained scene in the first three episodes.

It’s brilliant.


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